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Skub Pancakes

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A week ago, I received my first shipment of Soylent, a liquid meal-replacement solution designed to fulfill my daily nutritional requirements. Each bottle contains roughly 20% of a suggested daily caloric intake, as well as a fifth of the FDA’s recommended daily dosage of essential vitamins and minerals (Iron, Vitamin *, Zinc, Niacin, etc). If you haven’t yet heard of Soylent, you can read more about the culinary (is that the right word?) phenomenon and its short-term effects on the body here. In the words of Soylent’s in-house marketing team, “Soylent satisfies your hunger

There’s something admirable about that statement. As far as my limited research shows, Soylent is the first food that attempts to satisfy all the nutritional aspects of consumption without indulging in any of the luxuries that taste has to offer. It’s food without pleasure – a “pleasantly neutral” form of sustenance, devoid of the earthly...

OpenCV: Operations on Rectangular Neighborhoods

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Earlier this week, I began implementing a zero-elimination median filter in C++ using OpenCV. The (well-optimized) median filter implementation in OpenCV unfortunately does not have a flag/parameter to indicate that zeros or invalid values should be excluded when computing the median.

Like many other OpenCV operations, a median filter operates upon a rectangular neighborhood – the filter takes the median of all pixels within a certain rectangle in the image. I decided to write a method that would iteratively apply a provided function to a neighborhood of pixels across the image, and construct a new image from the outputs of the function. So you can think of this mapping function as taking a neighborhood as parameters and returning a pixel value .

There are a variety of OpenCV cv::Mat types, and consequently the type of a given pixel will vary depending...

First Post

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Hello all.

I started this blog to chronicle all my random endeavors.

Hopefully, I’ll remember to update it from time to time.